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Why Denial is So Strong with Sex Addiction

From: Sound Recovery Solutions

With sex addiction, it can seem like excuses piled on excuses.

Denial is a very strong emotion and behavioral pattern which can keep a person stuck in addiction. People who struggle with sex addiction tend to blame problems on anything (or anyone) other than themselves. Rather than underlying causes, they are just escaping from pain. Find out why denial keeps people locked up in addiction and how they can seek help to escape.


A person may be stuck in denial because they feel entitled to what is rightfully theirs. It is okay to have a ‘little reward for hard work.’ It may also feel like it is not such a bad thing to go online or out with people and explore their sexual addiction. Entitlement is a huge barrier in denial of sexual addiction.

Externalization and Blame

It is easy to blame everyone for everything that is going on in your life. You can make lots of excuses while you are hurting yourself and others. While you externalize and blame others, you are keeping yourself in denial.


Even if you think you are not hurting anyone or putting people in danger, you are not going to find what you are looking for in sexual addiction. When a person is locked into addiction, they will minimize everything to keep it going.


Even with all the rationalizations a person can make, you can justify it to the end but it is doing harm to yourself and others around you. Even if your partner does not suspect it (in your mind), they more likely than not know it is going on and there is a problem, whether you rationalize it in your own mind or not.

Compulsive sexual behaviors are harming not only themselves but their loved ones. People with sexual addictions see themselves as victims. This is a variation of denial that is unique and feeds other forms of denial. The people with sexual addictions feel burdened by the needs of others and feel justified in their use of an escape mode because they are the victim. Family members may also be subject to denial but the most important thing is to recognize it for what it is and begin to heal the wounds through therapy and rehab.

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